Apple has launched its first floating store in Singapore

Apple has launched its first floating spherical store in the Marina Bay Sands in the world.

Surrounded by emerald waters and made entirely of glass, the Apple Marina Bay Sands (MBS) consists of 114 pieces of reinforced glass held together by 10 small, mirror-like columns known as mullions.

It will be the first Apple store in the world to rest right on the water – an eye-catching circular building that offers an uninterrupted 360-degree panoramic view of Singapore’s skyline.

Apple has launched its first floating store in Singapore

Inspired by the Pantheon in Rome, the store has baffles on the inside wall of the shop to have a nighttime lighting effect. Trees within the dome offer extra daylight and subtle shadows through the foliage.

Visitors to the store will enjoy a 360-degree view of Marina Bay, from the ArtScience Museum to the Marina Bay Financial Center to the large open sea, and do not find sharp corners or obstructive columns when within the sphere.

Apple ‘s history in Singapore started 40 years ago with the tech giant’s first corporate office in Ang Mo Kio – and it’s a nice reality that comes with that. In 1981, the team was responsible for manufacturing the bulk of print circuit boards for Apple II computers worldwide.

Since then, Apple has expanded through the business and retail industries and is now responsible for 55,000 jobs in Singapore, between Apple and the Apple ecosystem.

The MBS store is managed by a 148-strong team including the “Apple Geniuses” who are qualified technical support workers.

At the bottom of the shop, underneath the bubble, is Apple’s first underwater boardroom, where founders and developers interested in obtaining training and support will meet with members of the Apple team.

Apart from the look of the shop, the captivating aspect is the willingness of the employees to speak 23 languages. The 148-member Apple team is all set to greet guests with stringent health safety measures.

Apart from the oculus at the top of the dome, which allows the light to fall in, the inside of the glass is lined with unique baffles, which are designed to fight the daytime glare and have a nighttime lighting effect.

There are also 10 trees along the periphery, offering bright colours and subtle lighting through the foliage.

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The Forum is based around the video screen, which will act as a platform for Singapore’s musicians and makers.

Apple has launched its first floating store in Singapore, In addition to the Free Future Today Apple sessions led by Apple Creatives, designers and developers interested in obtaining guidance and guidance can meet with Apple team members in the company’s first underwater boardroom situated in the store’s first basement.

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In view of the current global pandemic, Apple Marina Bay Sands will continue to implement the same stringent health and safety measures for both employees and visitors and across all Apple retail locations, including mask standards, temperature controls and social distances.

The shop will be open to the public on Thursday from 10 a.m. with security precautions in place, such as compulsory masking, temperature tests and social distances. Visits to the MBS shop can only be taken by appointment via this website.

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Apple says that any non-transferable online booking accepts only one user, and visitors will have to queue before they can access the shop. Walking-ins will also be permitted from Friday.

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