California Wildfires Now: Donald Trump declares the major disaster

California Wildfires Now : One million acres have burned, and at least six people have been killed by fires that are not yet under control. California wildfires today are still being controlled by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Prevention. The fires are still burning in the Southern part of the state but have spread into the Northern part of the state.

Since the fire started the day after Thanksgiving, the National Weather Service and the Los Angeles County Fire Department have issued warnings for severe weather conditions for the entire region. So far, there has been no confirmed record of tornadoes or thunderstorms. However, strong thunder is felt in the Santa Barbara area. However, there was a strong flash flood reported in the Santa Barbara County.

Fire-fighters are working 72-hour shifts but say it is not enough to contain the blazes

US President Donald Trump has declared that burning wildfires through homes and destroying precious forest in California is a major tragedy and has provided federal assistance.

Firefighters in California raced Saturday to slow down the spread of wildfires that killed at least six people, forced tens of thousands to evacuate and burned nearly a million acres of land in a week. Forecasts of high winds threaten to set fires in more densely populated areas, as the foul air blankets the state.

California Wildfires Now

Most of the destruction was caused by three huge fire complexes in hilly and wooded rural areas.

There is a high chance that the fires will flare up again. But, we need to recognize the need for a strong firefighting effort. The fires are still raging in the northern part of the state. And the National Weather Service and the Los Angeles County Fire Department say that the threat is even higher in the northern part of the state. In the southern part of the state, the threat is higher in the north.

The weather conditions are perfect for the fires to spread. The warm, moist air from the Pacific Ocean is sitting right on top of the Sierra Nevadas. It is this moisture that is fueling the fires.

California wildfires: Death toll, evacuations, homes threatened
California Wildfires

Now that the rain and strong winds are over the fires, there is an opportunity to put out the fires. But, the firefighting efforts are going to be quite intense. In some areas, the flames are expected to stay active for a number of days, if not weeks.

Exhausted firefighters continue to fight the blaze, with some 72-hour shifts operating in severe, humid temperatures, reports AP News Agency. “They ‘re searching for bodies” to help fight the flames, the Fresno City official told the Reuters news agency.

Governor Gavin Newsom said in a statement that Mr Trump’s action would also support residents in fire-affected counties with crisis counseling, housing and other social services.

The biggest wildfire, dubbed the LNU Lightening Complex, is in the popular wine-growing regions of Napa and Sonoma north of San Francisco and is just 15% contained, CalFire said on Saturday.

California Wildfires Location

In seven days, California’s blazes burnt nearly 1 million acres, according to Cal Fire, more than triple the area burned during the average fire season (a little over 300,000 acres). The area burned is bigger than Rhode Island.

If you are in the path of the fire, you should consider taking some precautions to protect yourself against some of the severe weather associated with the blazes. Make sure that you leave your home and car at home. If you do not have anything at home, make sure that you stay inside until the storm passes and the fire is under control. Do not go on the roads in the area until it is safe to do so.

You might also want to consider hiring a local contractor to inspect your home and remove any debris that might catch fire damage. Be prepared to have a contractor inspect all of your belongings, especially if they contain flammable materials.

If you are planning a trip to a place affected by the fire damage, you should also have all of your important documents on hand. In the case that you will be flying, check with your airline whether they offer rental assistance in case of your flight being canceled.

Further south in the county of Santa Cruz, 115 homes were lost and some people evacuated.

Many fire damage restoration companies are operating without insurance. This is another reason why you need to check the insurance policies of the people you are working with before you hire them. Insurance companies will often offer assistance with cleaning up your home or business in the case that you are unable to pay for the cleaning out yourself.

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If you have property that is not owned by you, such as land, you should take steps to keep it protected until it is repaired or replaced. A well-planned fire protection plan can save your house. and everything inside from burning. This is because your plan can include securing your property and making sure that your home or business does not burn further.

Fire extinguishers can make a big difference as far as protecting your property is concerned. A fire extinguisher can also help prevent the fire from spreading. In many cases, your home and business will be uninhabitable if your home or business burns. Make sure that your fire extinguisher is readily accessible if you have to evacuate your home.

California fires map: Where are the Bay Area wildfires now?
California Wildfires

Two clusters of wildfires in the San Francisco Bay Area have developed to become the second-and third-largest wildfire in recent state history. Light winds and cooler and more humid nighttime conditions allowed fire crews to make progress on those fires and a third group of fires south of San Francisco to expect warm , dry conditions, intermittent wind gusts and lightning, state fire officials said.

The coverage of fire in the Santa Cruz Mountains and along the coast of San Mateo County, south of San Francisco, was just 5%, and 115 homes and other buildings were burned. Firefighters set up a firewall to cover the evacuated University of California, the Santa Cruz campus and the surrounding area.

Once you have your fire extinguisher and other emergency supplies on hand, you can take some precautions to reduce the risk of smoke inhalation as well. In particular, if you are indoors, avoid having small children inside the home. Smoke can cause breathing problems. If you must be in the house, ensure that you are not alone and that the children are in another room or area.

Even if you feel like you are not safe enough to get out on your own, you should make sure that you have your cell phone on hand. and a spare battery in case you are ever trapped. If you are trapped in a home that is on fire, the phone will help you contact a friend or family member if necessary.

California Wildfires Update

By Saturday morning, the largest series of blazes in the state, known as the LNU Lightning Complex, had spread to an unprecedented 314,207 acres throughout the counties of Napa, Lake, Solano and Sonoma. It was only 15% contained, and firefighters claimed that “strong fire activity” made it difficult to combat the blaze.

Hazy Skies A Product Of California Wildfires -
California Wildfires

“It’s not a silver bullet, but it gives us a really strong barrier to prevent the fire from spreading south into those areas,” said Chief Mark Brunton of the Cal Fire Battalion.

The fires, spread over hundreds of miles, were a huge obstacle for the workers seeking to corral them as California issued a national call for assistance. Cal Fire said that the 13,700 staff sent to combat these fires were not enough, prompting Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) to make an urgent appeal for assistance from the entire world.

Other fire risk indicators have peaked at an exceptionally high point at this time of year at the time of the initiation of these blazes.

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