Government denies to ban chinese app like Tiktok or other apps from google play store

Government denies to ban chinese app : A message was circulating on social media claiming that the Ministry of Electronics and IT’s National Informatics Center issued an order to restrict certain Chinese apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The government has clarified that the order is fake, and Google or Apple … Read more

Tuesday evening, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the country at 8 pm

Covid-19 lockdown extended

Tuesday evening, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the country at 8 pm. Today is the 48th day of the current shutdown, with fewer than a week remaining for the national shutdown’s third period to conclude. Prime Minister Modi will address the country again tonight, the PMO Twitter handle has announced. The PM’s speech comes … Read more

How to get liquor via e-token online in New Delhi

Where can you get liquor? How can you get liquor? By E-Token? .As soon as liquor stores opened in multiple states, people rushed to get some booze because they had sat soberly since the shutdown was enforced. The Delhi government unveiled an e-token program on Thursday to stop confusion and preserve mutual distancing. As the … Read more

Mann Ki Baat: India’s fight against COVID-19 people-diven,says PM Narendra Modi

Mann ki Baat

Mann Ki Baat updates: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today, via his monthly radio program Mann Ki Baat in the middle of the national coronavirus shutdown, briefed the country on coronavirus.  “Few informative insights have been provided for this month’s #MannKiBaat. Tune at 11 a.m. tomorrow” said modi. Here are the main highlights of the ‘Mann … Read more

Covid-19 Lockdown Extended Till May 3 In India : PM

Covid-19 lockdown extended

Covid-19 lockdown extended : On Tuesday PM Narendra Modi briefed the country on the final day of the lockdown of coronavirus. The Prime Minister, in his speech, said the national lockout of Covid-19 would be prolonged until May 3. MAnd here’s a view at the outlines of the speech delivered by PM Narendra Modi —

  • Given all the recommendations, the Covid-19 shutdown has been agreed to be prolonged until May 3. We have got to be disciplines like we’ve been so far during this period.
  • All districts, localities, states will be closely monitored until April 20, as to how strictly they are implementing norms. States that do not enable hotspots to grow can require some critical operations to restart, but under some conditions.
  • By 20 April, some states or regions that do not require hotspots to increase or where there is fewer likelihood of hotposts to increase will see some essential services being restored.
  • On the public services program, too, we are working at great speed. The country only had one laboratory in January to test for Coronavirus. More than 220 labs are operating on this front today.
  • The government ‘s coming out with comprehensive shutdown instructions on Wednesday.
  • I assume you encountered many difficulties. Some encountered nutritional problems. Some also encountered commuting issues. Although others lived away from their homes and relatives.
  • I know all of you have been through this kind of trouble in this time. But I know, you have all performed like a dedicated soldier for the government. I give my respects to you all.
  • Thanks to your diligence, India was able to prevent the spread and ill-effects of Coronavirus. You’ve all sacrificed to save the country.
  • The new year has started in a variety of states around the world. The way participants experience the shutdown is encouraging and praiseworthy. On this New Year I wish you and your family good health.
  • And with no single corona patient in India, India had begun screening passengers from the countries impacted by Covid-19.
  • Had India not adopted a systemic, comprehensive strategy, had it not made a fast step, then the scenario in India would have been different. Observations and tests from the last few days, though, have shown that the direction we took was correct.
  • We have paid for it economic costs too. But compared with the cost of Indians’ lives, this is nothing.
  • Those who gain every day and fulfill their needs are likewise my kin. Reducing their issues is among my preferences;


The Prime Minister had said Covid-19 lockdown extended during the meeting that there seems to be consensus among the states on extending the lockdown by another two weeks. He stressed the government’s motto earlier was ‘jaan hai to jahaan hai’ but now it’s ‘jaan bhi jahaan bhi.’

Nevertheless, some states including Odisha, Maharashtra, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and others, have already declared the extension of the lockout taking into account the growing number of cases in their respective states.

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Coronavirus Breaking news nationally and internationally

Coronavirus Breaking news nationally and internationally

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2 More Weeks Of Corona shutdown In India, PM Modi And Agree with States

2 More Weeks Of Corona shutdown

PM Narendra Modi, who conducted a four-hour conference on the video call on Saturday with at least 13 state governors, stated that the lockdown throughout the amid of the COVID-19 pandemic would be extended by 2 More Weeks Of Corona shutdown after observing the demands of the state governors who favoured a longer quarantine period. … Read more

Covid-19: Government can extend lockdown as requested by several states

Government can extend lockdown

Government can extend lockdown: The Centre is actually considering to enhance the three-week national lockdown much further than April 14 to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. A procession of state and local governments — like Maharashtra, Punjab, Telangana, and now Madhya Pradesh — have in past few days come out in support of maintaining most or all … Read more

Coronavirus Online Reports In India: 7600 cases max no.

Coronavirus Online Reports In India

                                      Coronavirus Online Reports In India     Confirmed   –     7,600   Recovered   –    774   Death        –       249   Coronavirus Online Reports In India : Tuesday’s Ministry of Health … Read more