Mi Launches Mi Smart Band 5, Smart Bulb, Smart Speaker

Mi Launches Mi Smart Band 5

Mi Launches Mi Smart Band 5 and more amazing IOT products. Xiaomi unveiled a range of mobile devices at its 2021 edition of the Mi Smarter Living virtual keynote event on Tuesday. The products include its first smartwatch and smart speaker in India, and Mi Band 5, along with Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser, Mi Smart … Read more

15 hot tech skills to get a job – Without Certification

15 hot tech skills to get a job

15 hot tech skills to get a job : The world has become a race, and we are all  competitors. You ‘re starting a new race, which makes it important to make yourself  better off. In an age in which everything depends on technology. There are vital skills that everybody has. But what makes you stand out from here?  Various hot engineering skills are available in the technology industry. And you need to add a couple of them to your knowledge. And the best thing is that you don’t need to get a degree or a certificate. These skills will enhance your market value. In this post, we will cover the top 15 hot tech skills to get a job. 15 hot Tech skills to get a job 1. DevSecOps/Development Security Operations DevSecOps is one of the most highly regarded tech skills with a market rating of 5.6 percent.  It stands for development, security and operation. It aims to make everyone responsible for safety.  Every business is searching for safety experts. One who can deal with the safety of the technology they have. And, with companies dependent on cloud computing services, the need for DevSecOps has increased. And it makes you more aware of the protection of your files. 2. Security Architecture And Models Security architecture and models is another top notch hot tech skill. Tech firms are searching for their jobs. With a market value rise of 5.6 per cent over the last six months, this expertise is in high demand.  It’s the blueprint for the security model that you’re going to enforce within the enterprise. Network architecture is a wider view of computer architecture and security. 3. … Read more

Apple has launched its first floating store in Singapore

Apple Launched its first floating store in Singapore

Apple has launched its first floating spherical store in the Marina Bay Sands in the world. Surrounded by emerald waters and made entirely of glass, the Apple Marina Bay Sands (MBS) consists of 114 pieces of reinforced glass held together by 10 small, mirror-like columns known as mullions. It will be the first Apple store … Read more

Samsung will develop a Transparent Smartphone?

Samsung Transparent Smartphone

Samsung will develop a Transparent Smartphone? This patent was accepted by the company just on technical grounds. Many details about the phone have still not been disclosed. If Samsung tries to get this phone, it’ll be the first phone of its kind. If you assumed Samsung’s folding mobile ambitions were shaky, you might want to think … Read more

LG launches electronic mask with Wearable air purifier and UV-LED

LG launches electronic masks with air purifier and UV- LED

LG launches electronic mask : LG, the South Korean giant, introduced the Puricare Waterproof Air Purifier face mask. This obviously shows that the coronavirus pandemic is forcing businesses to cross borders and to innovate something that will help people remain healthy from COVID. It’s also a much-needed addition to the company’s portfolio, given that we’re … Read more

How Future of the Technology will affect us, Inventions, Top Tech Jobs in Future

Future of the Technology

Do You Know? Future of Technology is rising day by day. Businesses today aren’t defined by the extent of their capital, but more by what they do with the latest technology they are using to make it happen. The right technology choices are now one of the business management’s highest priorities. This is because technological … Read more

Realme Youth Days sale is scheduled to begin on August 24th.

Realme Youth day sale

Realme announced the start of its Realme Youth Days sale starting on 24 August, i.e.next week. The sale will take place for five days and will end on August 28. The company says up to 60 percent off smartphones, earphones, and wearables. The sale will see flash deals every day at 12 noon, and there will be discounts on devices like Realme 6, Realme X2 Pro, and many others. The Realme Band will also be listed at a discounted price of Rs. 1,169. Realme Youth Days sale begins The company has launched a live microsite dedicated to the sale of Realme Youth Days starting on Monday. The site offers a preview of all the deals expected to arrive during the sale period. It notes that there will be price cuts for Realme 6, Realme X2 Pro, Realme X, and Realme X50 Pro smartphones.The exact details of the price discounts have not yet been mentioned. As far as wearables are concerned, the Realme Watch and the Realme Band awards 1,459 will also see price cuts during the Realme Youth Days. The Realme Band will be available at 12:00 p.m. (noon) for as low as Rs. 1,169. The original price of the Royal Band is Rs. 1,499. The exact discount on the Realme Watch is unknown. In the audio category, Realme Buds Air Neo, Realme Buds Q, Realme Buds Wireless and Realme Buds Air will also see price cuts. Also, the Realme Buds Q was the first to be introduced in India in June 2020.This earbuds are priced at Rs. 1,999 and are equipped with 10 mm Dynamic Drivers and are able to supply up to 4.5 hours of battery life.There is no news on the amount of discount that will be given on these audio products. Realme also listed the 30W Power Bank as part of its discounted deals,For the Realme Tote Bag and the Realme Backpack. All the offers, along with their exact price discounts, will soon go live on the Realme Youth Days sales page. The company is also expected to offer some kind of discount or offer on its recently launched Realme 30W Power Bank. Realme may also sell some enticing lifestyle items, like the Realme Backpack. For the latest tech news and reviews, Follow TapaTap Review on Twitter, Facebook,  and Instagram.

WhatsApp’s resolves ‘Click to Chat’ issue that exposed some users’ phone numbers

WhatsApp’s resolves ‘Click to Chat’ issue that exposed some users’ phone numbers

WhatsApp’s resolves ‘Click to Chat’ issue : Whatsapp addresses the issue of ‘Click to Chat’ which caused some of its users’ phone numbers to appear in the results of Google searches. The patch comes days after a researcher discovered that in search results appeared the phone number of Whatsapp users who built a simplified connection … Read more

How to make money from blogging and earn Lifetime

make money from blogging

Want to know how to make money from blogging in 2020? Good decision, to make money from blogging just follow every move. That is the best decision I have ever made to start a blog in my life. Here we have the deal; Need to gain passive income by blogging on autopilot, which makes you … Read more