Government denies to ban chinese app like Tiktok or other apps from google play store

Government denies to ban chinese app : A message was circulating on social media claiming that the Ministry of Electronics and IT’s National Informatics Center issued an order to restrict certain Chinese apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The government has clarified that the order is fake, and Google or Apple have not received any such instructions.

The twitter account of the Indian Press Information Bureau has shared yet another fake news forwards making the online rounds. This time it seems to be a doctored government order that will instruct tech companies to restrict the functioning of a few China-made smarphone apps in India.

Under the header of the National Informatics Centre, Electronics and Information Technology Ministry, the picture imitates a government order addressing the regional executives of Apple and Google tech companies. This guides them to limit the functionality of 13 Chinese-origin applications across the smartphones running Android and iOS in India. To the end it defends its guidelines by raising questions about Indian sovereignty and Indian citizens’ data privacy. Government denies ban chinese app

Indians have moved to boycott both their hardware and software late, increasing anti-China sentiment as well as their manufacturing in general. Last month, Google took down ‘Delete China App’ from the playstore on Android, alleging violations of its policy on misleading behaviour. This same app, besides that, was already decided to make as the title indicates pushing out from the user’s smartphone any China-made applications. As an alternative to TikTok, another India-made application ‘Mitron’ gained popularity in banking on anti-China sentiment.
Even smartphone manufacturers like Oppo, taking note of the same sentiment, have decided to hold back any live device launches for the near future.

Similarly, the rise of anti-China sentiment helped TikTok different Mitron achieve gigantic recognition in India within the last month. Currently the TikTok clone app has over 50 lakh downloads on Google Play.

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