‘Mrs. Serial Killer’ Netflix Series Honest Review

‘Mrs. Serial Killer’ Netflix Series Honest Review : Mrs. Serial Killer is one of the most dumb films of all time. ‘Mrs. Serial Killer’s Netflix Series Honest Review, I wish I was exaggerating, but that feels like an understatement, if anything. The characters behave extremely stupid to support the plot. We fall for someone to say we do a bad job. They are intentionally bad at their actual work. Or they don’t object terribly to somebody doing their job.

And often, when driving a giant SUV on quiet, narrow lanes in the middle of the night, they try to harass people some distance away. In reality they are not characters but caricatures instead. It’s almost all down to ridiculous writing — or direction — From Shirish Kunder, whose previous credits include 2012 Akshay Kumar-starrer joke-of-a-film Joker (as director) and 2010 Kumar-led dumpster-fire Tees Maar Khan (as writer).


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‘Mrs. Serial Killer’ Netflix Series Honest Review, the Netflix movie would have been a good starting point for a parody serial killer movie, if it weren’t so serious. It’s a sitcom when it doesn’t want to be, and when it tries some sort of humor it’s totally unfunny. In fact, Kunder is completely ignorant of the term “nuance” itself. Every dialog, note, expression and phase of a narrative thread is overlaid. Even the production design (Shashank Tere), the cinematography (from Ravi K. Chandran and Kiran Deohans), and the background score (also from Kunder) are just as over-elaborated and farcical as anything else around it. The only acceptable way to interpret Mrs. Serial Killer in its present form is inside an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, where comics poke fun on B-movies.

Mrs. Serial Killer seems to be in on the joke when it starts, with a scene pulled from the middle of the film coming across as amateur playacting.Then, Mrs. Serial Killer runs back a few days to present schoolteacher Sona Mukherjee (Jacqueline Fernandez, of Race 3) and her gynaecologist husband Dr. Mrityunjoy “Joy” Mukherjee (Manoj Bajpayee, of the Wasseypur Gangs).Their early interactions reveal that both have a dramatic flair — though they’re not competing for the Netflix film — as Sona reveals that she’s pregnant in a playful way.

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Shortly afterwards, Sona’s intoxicated ex-boyfriend and Inspector Imran Shahid (Mohit Raina, from Devon Ke Dev … Mahadev) knocks, saying that he is investigating a case involving young pregnant women who are missing. With Joy not around, Imran casually picks up and bags the husband’s used items, having produced no warrant of any kind. Instead, that “proof” is used to frame and imprison Joy. A despondent Sona visits the prosecutor, who proposes an unconstitutional plan to prove Joy ‘s innocence: commit a serial killer style murder. Just one candidate fits the profile (presumably because of the narrowness of the field, as six have already been killed and live in a small town in Uttarakhand)—Sona ‘s student Anushka Tiwari (debutante Zayn Marie Khan).

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The joke here is Ms Serial Killer himself. Fernandez is all over the place talking about the jokes. Sure, she’s not helped by the fact that out of all his actors Kunder pushes for high notes — they gasp at the smallest things like they’re in a horror film spoof — but Fernandez ‘s strained productivity will make you realize you were one of the early victims of the killer. Bajpayee is the only one who avoids the remarks of Kunder and renders Mrs. Serial Killer a tad bearable by his simple presence, but is sadly missing from most of the runtime of the Netflix film.

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Instead, we ‘re being treated to Fernandez hamming her way into being a first-time criminal with some extremely stupid physical comedy, coupled with generic horror movie music lording over scenes and camerawork that zooms and pans like it’s nostalgic for the early 2000s low-budget supernatural Indian cable series. Seriously, what happens anywhere with the needless Dutch angles? But what else should one expect from Kunder’s experience as writer-director, and from his wife Farah Khan as producer? Their last partnership was the aforementioned Tees Maar Khan, after all. Mrs. Serial Killer is Khan’s first eight-year production venture (after Joker), and Kunder’s first feature film in as long a period.

You would think someone would have thought twice before giving sole ownership of a film to Kunder and Khan. Netflix has to run real low on deals if this — in addition to the previous film by Fernandez, Drive, also an original Netflix and as laughably bad as Mrs. Serial Killer — is the kind of projects it is happy to put on its site.

Ms. Serial Killer is now streaming in Hindi , Tamil and Telugu on Netflix, India.

I’m going to leave you with this difficult to beat back-and-forth: ‘toh maaro, yeh roz roz ke torture se toh achcha hai,’ says one person. The other responds: ‘torture tumne abhi dekha kahaan hai?

Dekh liya, bhai, dekh liya.

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