POCO X2 detail review, Specifications, Buy Now at Rs. 13,759

Poco X2 detail Review : Like several of its rivals, Xiaomi spun the Poco sub-brand off into their own business, just in time for the Poco X2 launch. Of course the company is well established because of the famous Poco F1, but it has been well over a year since the launch of that edition.

Poco is now independent, but in the near future it would possibly share other services with Xiaomi. There is no question that the current Poco X2 will be seen, but fans will be aware that this is not the next edition of the Poco F1 and will not adopt the same formula. The Poco X2 is much more traditional than its revered ancestor, albeit a bit less path-breaking.

POCO X2 (Phoenix Red, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage)

As such, the introduction of a second groundbreaking smartphone from the former Xiaomi sub-brand became imminent and reports of a potential product launch in February had begun circulating last month. 

This phone doesn’t consist of plain plastic and doesn’t try to prioritize core specifications and raw power over all else. Obviously people also want Poco to take the lead in terms of cost, and to some degree, it does. The POCO X2 begins at Rs. 15,999 and takes the Realme X2, overview analysis on and slightly overshadows both the Redmi K20 and the Redmi Note 8 Pro (Analysis).

The POCO X2 (detail review) was launched at a starting price of Rs 15,999 and is undoubtedly the most affordable phone the business has to give. It does not provide flagship-grade efficiency but excels in another field that is once again unheard of in its price level. Display refresh rate. The POCO X2 seems to become the only smartphone with just a mind-boggling 120Hz refresh rate monitor under Rs 20,000. How nice is the show, though? Is a 120Hz display something Users really want? Does the phone ‘s output complement the strong refresh rate? How good are those cameras? Read on for information.

POCO X2 (Atlantis Blue, 6GB RAM, 64GB Storage)

Poco X2 design detail review

Although the Poco F1 (Review) is unpologetically plain-looking and constructed of clear plastic to remain cheap, here Poco is attempting a different strategy. What we have is a bright , colorful rear glass with a tone of gradient and an unusual circular design around the vertical camera strip. Our Atlantis Blue device was lighter up and darker down but you may pick Phoenix Red or Matrix Purple as well. At the bottom there is a Poco mark, and no “from Xiaomi” tag as the F1 has. The phone’s frame matches the lower one-third color of the rear panel.

The principal element of style elegance is the circle cover. At first, you might assume Poco ‘s gone for a raised camera module like what we saw on the OnePlus 7 T (Review) and Nokia 7.2 (Review), but it’s just a patch with a smooth finish while the glass around it looks frosted. Poco has even managed to render this patch transparent like a convex mirror given the fact that it’s very smooth, so we were able to capture a selfie shot with the rear camera somewhat. The vertical stripe which actually houses the four cameras sticks out quite a bit and has quite rough edges.

Poco X2 specifications and software

Like we said earlier, the Poco X2 (Detail Review) will not be considered as the counterpart to the Poco F1, and as such it is not attempting to deliver a mid-range flagship-grade SoC. You ‘re having the 730 G Qualcomm Snapdragon, this is the very logical thing to do. It is the same chip that allows the key competitor of this handset, the Realme X2, to presume the gaming and general intent performance will be solid.

POCO X2 Display and Camera

The POCO X2 sports a bezelless, punch-hole monitor with a 6.67inch (16.94 inches) IPS LCD. The phone gets a 1080×2400 pixel screen resolution, with a 395ppi pixel resolution. A Corning Gorilla Glass v5 covers the outer body of the phone, which ensures screen protection. The handset gets an elegant glossy back panel and a USB Type-C charging port gets the F2 interface.

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