Covid-19 lockdown extended

Tuesday evening, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the country at 8 pm

Tuesday evening, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the country at 8 pm. Today is the 48th day of the current shutdown, with fewer than a week remaining for the national shutdown’s third period to conclude.

Prime Minister Modi will address the country again tonight, the PMO Twitter handle has announced. The PM’s speech comes one day after he addressed an intensive meeting with state chief ministers to resolve the country-wide shutdown and coronavirus condition.

Pm Modi had previously addressed the nation similarly to declare the shutdown and the first extension after the initial 21-day duration. But he avoided addressing the country to reveal the lockdown ‘s third step until May 17. The statement came from the home affairs ministry.


Tuesday evening, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the country at 8 pm. On Monday, Prime Minister Modi conducted a critical video conference with head of state ministers who spent six hours debating the current coronavirus condition. The chief ministers also talked regarding the current lockdown. When addressing the lockdown, PM Modi asked the chief ministers to share a specific approach about how they plan to handle the lockdown system in their states by May 15.

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In the meeting with the chief ministers, PM Modi called for a “rational approach” to both boost the declining economy and keep up the battle against coronavirus.

PM Modi had declared the lockdown that began on March 25, in a separate address to the country on March 24. Because of May 12, there are five days remaining for the lockdown’s third period to conclude. Whereas in India, coronavirus cases reached the 70,000-mark while death toll almost hit 2,300.

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The third phase of the lockdown has seen significant lockdown relaxation easing with liquor shops opening across the three types of coronavirus zones.


Indian Railways has also started to restart train services from Tuesday with the first eight trains starting to operate through different routes. Nevertheless, aircraft movements stay halted.

In the meeting of chief ministers with PM Modi, states like Delhi supported the Center ‘s call for economic activity to be revived while others like West Bengal and Tamil Nadu objected to train movement and plans to resume flight services as well.

The prime minister on March 22 declared a “janta curfew” in his speech on March 19. He declared a national 21 day shutdown on March 24. He prolonged the lockout time on April 14 until May 3. On April 3rd Modi asked the nation on April 5 to light lamps for frontline corona warriors in a video message.
The shutdown was also prolonged by the Home Ministry until May 17.

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