PUBG Mobile New Update : New Pubg Library Map and Livik Map

PUBG MOBILE to now get a Library map in 0.18.0 Update.

What’s fresh in update:-

1. The next update to PUBG MOBILE will put in a new map of the Library.

2. The latest map will offer a new mode of playing, too.

3. Within this mode, players will be able to use all of the PUBG MOBILE arms.

Pubg Library Map : New Update

A more new functionality that Tencent and PUBG Corp. are exploring in Game for Peace is the PUBG Mobile library map. This appears this Chinese edition of their PUBG Mobile game is being used by the developers to check all future patches before they are released into the global version. Recent leaks also reveal a new feature known as mobile library mode PUBG.

Like the current TDM mode in this game, the new Library mode also reflects a match between two four teams. Any member of your squad needs to make 18 kills in total to get the victory. When you kill an opponent, however, the weapon you are using can adjust automatically.

Pubg Mobile Library Map Mode

The latest library map has the traditional architecture of a multi-level staircased Chinese house. Furthermore, the library comprises several rooms linked by vaulted doors. The construction has the appearance of a Chinese palace.

Pubg Mobile Library Map Insides

This PUBG Mobile Library map is, at first sight, a tiny battlefield for close battles. You have to be vigilant of trapping enemies inside bookshelves, under the stairs or behind the wall. Additionally, the enemies can jump off the second floor and kill you. And look out for first floor while you’re going.

As the update has only hit PUBG MOBILE’s Chinese beta edition, it may be a while before the change can be included in the worldwide release of the game. That said, the Library map appears to be inspired by the Call Of Duty Mobile maps and will allow players to experience another kind of battle in the game.

Pubg library Map Gameplay

PUBG MOBILE’s Chinese app has just received a new update for its beta players and it seems like for the first time, PUBG MOBILE will be having an indoor feature. The map is named Library, and the map will tag along a new gameplay style, according to the famous PUBG Smartphone tipster Mr. Ghost Gaming. The map will have several levels to hack, and that will support the upcoming gameplay mode in a massive way.

Pubg Mobile Library Mode

Speaking of the latest style of gameplay, players will be able to compete against another team within a match. The game must have players run through all the ammunitions in the game in order to battle each other. Each arms can be upgraded and used to kill members of the opposing team. After the better weapons are gone, players are left with the rifles and shotguns to battle out the remaining rounds.

New  Features in Pubg Library Map :-

• This PUBG Mobile Library map is, at first glance, a small battleground for close fighting. You have to be vigilant about hiding enemies between bookshelves, under the staircase or behind the wall. Additionally, the enemy will leap from the second floor and kill you. And look out for first floor while you’re going.

•Another tip is to keep on moving if you don’t want the enemies to be an easy target. In fact, let’s occupy the second deck, so when you’re in a higher position, you have batter space to fire.

  • There was also no public statement about the release date of the PUBG Mobile library tracker. It’s spotted on the beta edition of the video game Chinese PUBG, known as Game for Peace. The latest mode will include a brand new map called Library, according to a report from a PUBG Mobile player named Mr Ghost Gaming. So it is a large library, actually.
  • Two squad members are created at two sides of the world. This would be a 4×4 map with broad library structure. At the start of the match each of you must take a different arm. When you destroy one enemy, the dead opponent’s weapon is given to you. When all of the team members finish their missions first, the group will win the match.
  • In addition, this game also encountered and discovered that this new game mode is pretty similar to the current Team Deathmatch Mode (TDM) in this Royal Fight game. If real, PUBG Mobile players around the world will have three TDM maps to use.

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PUBG Mobile New Livik Map

PUBG Mobile will be upgraded to 0.19.0 today, and the latest update will carry an exclusive new map named Livik. Developers have posted patch notes for the latest update with all the updates and enhancements that we can expect to see in one of the most famous Royal Battle games on the mobile phone. Livik was described as a Nordic-style map with 15-minute matches in a small 2×2 field.

Pubg Mobile new Update

The Livik map is another map published by the developers to increase the participation of the players. It’s close to the ones we’ve seen before-Erangel, Sanhok, Vivendi, and Miramar-but the developers say that they’re offering more zing and action packed sessions to players. It is a 2×2 square kilometer map with Nordic backgrounds and elements belonging to the region.

Pubg Mobile New Update

The Livik map is another map released by the developers in order to maximize the involvement of players. It’s similar to the ones we’ve seen before — Erangel, Sanhok, Vivendi, and Miramar — but developers say they ‘re offering more zing and action packed sessions to fans. It is a 2×2 square kilometer map with Nordic backgrounds and features belonging to the country.



This map contains exclusive weapons including P90 SMG, Mk 12 markman rifle. This also has a recent map-exclusive Monster Truck truck. The Livik Super Firearm Practice Mode is coming early and will include the Advanced Test Gun Crates.

As the action ends, the Experimental Test Weapon Crates holding a specific weapon will surface on Livik. Special guns appear like standard guns, but there are variations in titles, symbols, etc. Finishes will usually be used with all forms.

Experimental Test Weapons have marginally improved figures than standard weapons. Upon leaving battle, you can see your shooting and damage stats for your Experimental Test Rifle.

Those are things the latest PUBG Mobile Library map wants to learn. Let’s visit our website to update the latest PUBG Smartphone news, other hacks, and more game tips and tricks.

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