Samsung will develop a Transparent Smartphone?

Samsung will develop a Transparent Smartphone? This patent was accepted by the company just on technical grounds. Many details about the phone have still not been disclosed. If Samsung tries to get this phone, it’ll be the first phone of its kind.

If you assumed Samsung’s folding mobile ambitions were shaky, you might want to think again after patents have emerged suggesting that a transparent smartphone might be in the works.

a patent unveils a fully transparent smartphone with thin borders | En24  News

The patent claims submitted in January, but that only surfaced in August, outline the complex steps and technologies needed to create a transparent mobile.

Smartphone companies are constantly launching new phone designs, looks and features. A lot has changed in the past, from the phone camera to the display, design and features. Samsung is now also seen joining this race.

The company has recently patented a new smartphone with a futuristic transparent display. The company filed a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Each pixel upon this phone’s display will allow the light to pass through it, effectively making the screen transparent.

Through Samsung’s patent drawings, the transparent screen looks like a window through which the holder ‘s hand can be seen. Just the bezels seems to be opaque.

The company has launched its longest battery mobile, the Galaxy M51. Samsung Galaxy M51 has a larger 7000mAh battery than expected. The battery supports a fast charging speed of 25 watts.

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The mobile has a punch-hole display of the design. This mobile phone has a Full HD + Super AMOLED + 6.7-inch Infinity-O display. The handset has 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of built-in storage. Let us know that the Galaxy M51 was launched in just one variant. Phone storage can be increased to 512 GB.

The dreams of transparent phones are not new. In 2009, LG had a crack with the GD900, but that only featured a transparent keypad. Sony Ericsson followed up with Xperia Pureness, which had a transparent display to his credit. However, it wasn’t very good.

Samsung had already designed transparent OLED displays in the past, but that was mainly used for signage. In a smartphone, where hardware space is limited, the tech is getting a bit more complicated.

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These patents rarely become mainstream devices, so Samsung will develop a Transparent Smartphone? don’t expect Samsung to introduce a transparent Galaxy S or Note series soon. But looking for the next major smartphone innovation is taking companies to extreme, if not impractical, lengths.

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