Sony new wireless headphone Sony WH-CH710N detail review

Detail review of the Sony WH-CH710N : Sony signature headset look, but when you keep it, because of the plastic shell, it feels much lighter. There is not any hardware on this headset and both the ear cups and the head band are plastic moulded. And while it’s evident that’s one of the things that helped Sony keep this headphone’s price tag low, it also gives you the courage to use it

The ear cups are comfortable, and you do not feel like wearing headphones after a while. Yet it gets a little hot inside even in the listening experience, if you, like me, sweat in the summer in Delhi on a top floor apartment. Note this is not an open concept.

The left ear cup provides the power / pair button with a USB-C charging port and a port of 3.5 mm if you want to wired. You’ve got the volume rocker on the right, the pause button that also lets you take calls. In case you want to be more mindful of your surroundings, there is another button here to turn on ambient sound. You can also trigger noise cancelling by this button. The long-press pause button brings up the voice assistant, but this didn’t work on Siri. The Google Assistant did a good job.

Just how effective is the cancelling of noise? Ok, for obvious reasons, I couldn’t take a flight to check your headset. But it’s good enough to negate the old fan’s drone in my house, and my son’s touch chatter watching Netflix stuff. I firmly believe that noise cancelation technology will find mass acceptance from scenario in the work as people in our noisy, crowded homes seek to find the best ways to recreate the peace of office. The Sony WH-CH710N is doing a good job review in detail from that perspective. But this is not a top-end device and I experienced better Sony noise cancellation. But you’ll need to dish for that.


Now, the consistency of its audio. In a week when I had to check three different audio products at price points across the range, the Sony headphone has come to me. The Sony WH-CH710N, detail review, with its 30 mm engine, suits on the price in the middle of this scale and that’s exactly where I will have it on audio experience as well.

And there is this one Fotty Seven album that I’ve been listening to on all devices. The experience was definitely good with the Sony, thanks to Sony’s traditional partly to bass. But then this isn’t a device that will overwhelm you bass and offer a more neutral profile from the same stables compared to others.

The experience was very good, even with something more vocal-heavy. There were moments that I went back to the WH-CH710N box just to check if I read the right price — the price was actually much lower than what was written on the package. The audio quality, while not flagship content is definitely what I’ve seen a few thousand rupees more in price points than this one is selling at. It won’t take too long for those who enjoy good music the way it’s supposed to be listened to to know that this is money well spent.

Sony WH-CH710N :

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With a reported battery life of up to 35 hours and a fast charge of 10 minutes, the Sony WH-CH710N appears suitable for those operating from home as well as wishing to be able to fly for work or pleasure when the present situation eventually ends. This is a no-nonsense headphone with wireless networking, noise cancelation and excellent audio quality at a still fair Rs 9,990 price point. Nonetheless, be aware that noise cancellation is better in Sony’s and other more expensive headsets.


Sony launched new wireless noise in India on Thursday to cancel headphones for 9,990.

In ‘WH-CH710N’ headphones, the Artificial Intelligence Noise Cancelation (AINC) technology constantly analyzes environmental sound components and automatically selects the most effective noise canceling mode for user environment.

“Although homework usually allows you the freedom to turn up the volume of speakers, headphones can still come in handy for work calls, ideal for tuning possible disturbances around the house, or intruding noises from outside, thanks to WH-CH710N ‘s noise cancelation,” the company said in a statement.

The device comes with built-in Google Assistant for simply managing things.

The headphones come with a built-in Li-ion battery to allow users to enjoy music over a single fast charge for up to 35 hours.

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