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Xiaomi Mi 10 detail review : Xiaomi had found himself in India in a bit of a market conundrum. To retain the Xiomi Mi 10 (Minimum price), the label designated for affordable items, it sought to differentiate itself from the Redmi brand last year. It did move ahead, though, and released the Mi A3 under Rs. 15,000 later in the year, which served the aim somewhat. Redmi smartphones in India are immensely popular, mostly because of their size. Over the years, Xiaomi has developed a reputation for itself as a budget-segment disruptor, with very few of its phones exceeding the Rs. 20,000 mark. Xiaomi Mi 10 detail review


Its Xiaomi for everything it provides offers a good value for the money. The price tag is slightly higher if you compare to some of this year’s 5 G flagship phones, but for the premium, the Mi 10 offers an excellent display and a reliable primary camera alongside flagship performance chops. Xiaomi Mi 10 detail review

Mi 10 (Twilight Grey, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage) – 108MP Quad Camera, SD 865 Processor, 5G Ready

Xiaomi has now made a bold move by launching the Mi 10 5 G at Rs. 49,999 in India, in the “value flagship” segment which OnePlus is now calling home. Yeah of course, visitors may know that’s a lot of cash for a Xiaomi phone, but that’s the exact perception that the company is hoping to kill. Xiaomi Mi 10 detail review

On social media, we’ve seen a lot of talk on how the Mi 10 5G is sunk on arrival or that its won’t retail at such speed, so we wanted to try it out ourselves. We spent a strong week with the Mi 10 5 G seeing if this Xiaomi phone is worth the high price it’s buying.

Mi 10 (Coral Green, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage) – 108MP Quad Camera, SD 865 Processor, 5G Ready


The Mi 10 has all the skills deserving of a mobile flagship 2020. That includes the 865 chipset Snapdragon under the hood, 8 GB LPDDR5 RAM and 256 GB UFS 3.0 ram. On the rear is a 108MP main camera, one of the biggest mobile sensors usable right now, paired with an ultra-wide 13MP camera and macro and distance sensors. If you haven’t already noticed, this smartphone’s 108MP camera is the flagship feature, but there is much more to the handset than it meets the eye.

Analyzing metrics

Within the handset the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 practically guarantees top-notch performance in Android flagships. Qualcomm has introduced several small technological improvements that indicate a efficiency improvement in the benchmark figures, yet to be honest , I didn’t notice much difference emerging from the ROG Phone II, which I am actually using as my primary regular ride. Xiaomi also uses the complete Snapdragon 865 package, which includes all the 5 G networking RF updates necessary, and Snapdragon Elite Gaming apps like HDR gaming.

Mi 10 (Twilight Grey, 8GB RAM, 256GB Storage) – 108MP Quad Camera, SD 865 Processor, 5G Ready

Xiaomi Mi 10 5G design

It is expected that a flagship phone will have the best specifications but more than that, it should also look and feel the part. The curved glass at this phone’s front and back looks classy. That, combined with the high-gloss finish, helps us appear stunning. The Coral Green paint we’ve got looks really good and you’re going to want to show off stuff. The Mi 10 5 G is very wide in dimension, but with the slim monitor bezels and at 208 g it’s powerful too. It doesn’t look too heavy however, since the thickness is less than 9 mm.

The Mi 10 buttons are clicky, and within control. There is no headphone socket in the package, but Xiaomi is offering an adapter. At the bottom is the dual-SIM pad, along with the Type-C connector, and a speaker.


The Xiaomi Mi 10 operates on Android 10-based MIUI 11, and here’s where most users hoping for a flagship update may be a little confused, whereas existing Xiaomi fans upgrading from a mid-ranger would feel right at home. There is no device drawer for one, and although I understand this was always the situation of MIUI, I would have at least ‘ve liked that option to switch it on if I charged half a lakh for a phone. Then there is the normal collection of bloatware which riddled the phone with. Several of them may be uninstalled, however a few of which can not ever be uninstalled, such as the Mi Browser which was recently entangled in a data leakage controversy.

Mi 10 5G performance and battery life

The Snapdragon 865 is a powerful chip which crunches easily across all our benchmarks. The Mi 10 5 G has recorded 5.63.101 points in AnTuTu for the numerically inclined, which is far more than what the Samsung Galaxy S20 + managed. However, as the Mi 10 5 G heats up quite a bit when running benchmarks, the CPU seems to get pretty much throttled. We found this in Geekbench, when our initial run produced scores of 780 and 2,747 for the single and multicore measures, yet another attempt after a couple of hours brought us 902 and 3,002 respectively.

Through the other side, the fingerprint sensor really isn’t very fast, and it took a solid moment until our fingerprint was detected and the phone opened. In our analysis time we have already had several mis-readings. The always-on monitor is a pleasant touch but we wish it was more practical, for example with the option to regulate music playback at least. Xiomi Mi 10 Minimum price


This is where Xiaomi is focusing much of their capital on. The Mi 10 is the first smartphone to rock the 108MP camera sensor developed by the imaging team at Samsung under the Rs 50,000. The device senses 1/1.33, “second to just the volume of the Huawei P40 Pro+ design camera. The broad sensor scale accommodates more than 100 million 0.8 micron pixels, which allows at 100 percent crop to obtain noise-free optical zoom and a decent amount of data. By example, the sensor often produces 27MP images by binning four adjacent 0.8um pixels into a wide 1.6um image, the same processing used in the 48MP and 64MP cameras above.

Apart from the 108MP sensor there is a disappointingly mediocre system configuration. There must be an ultrawide 13MP camera and two 2MP cameras with macro & portrait images. In addition, the final JPEG performance is greatly enhanced by the latest Spectra ISP on the Snapdragon 865 that works in conjunction with Xiaomi’s color-boosting AI algorithm and HDR mode to generate highly palatable images.

Mi 10 (Coral Green, 8GB RAM, 256GB Storage) – 108MP Quad Camera, SD 865 Processor, 5G Ready

The 108-megapixel main camera in the Mi 10 5 G uses a wide 1/1.33-inch optical stabilizing sensor and an f/1.7 aperture. By contrast, the photos go through a 4-in-1 cycle of oversampling. If you do the math, they would be stored as 27-megapixel files, but the resolution of the pictures was only 25 megapixels when we searched. If required, there is a digital zoom up to 10x, or 2x while using 108-megapixel mode.


The concept of the Mi 10 could almost be termed an original but it bears a flagship flourish. It’s good to carry, with a glass sandwich shape and smooth sides. Single-handed usage is quite likely but any time I tried to lock the computer I had to change my grip by clicking the power button after tapping out a letter, Yet it has the same P2i coating as Redmi Note 9 Pro does.

The stability throughout the day is excellent at 4 K quality, but colours are highly blurred and the light tone is too dry for our liking. Under low light, strong colors and not much noise maintain the image quality well. The wide-angle camera can also record up to 4 K video but once you have started recording, you can not switch between the main and wide-angle cameras. Xiomi Mi 10 Minimum price

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